Hi, I'm Sharon, an identity coach for women.

identity coaching is about helping you unearth what you believe about yourself and why. So, what are you believing about yourself? For example; if you indulge in desserts or chips do you say “I just can’t stick to a healthy diet”? Do you say yes to every request even though your schedule is overwhelmed, but are afraid to say no because you think you’ll lose friends if you say no? What about your personal relationships? Are you spending money you dont have in order to fit in? Are you in relationships with people that insult you – and you stay because you wonder “who else will love me”? Does any of that sound familiar? 

This is where I can help you. I understand first hand how hard it is to break unhealthy patterns and to believe that you deserve more. I was in that same place for decades. I broke through the lies that held me back and I’m committed to helping you do the same. I’m a certified life coach and a certified Critical Incident Stress Debriefer and I believe in you.


You're not alone in the journey of becoming who you're meant to be. I will guide you through the steps I used to break free from self-worth issues.

I suffered through years of silence hiding the shame of what I’d been through, not realising that my silence was keeping me trapped. Some of the things I went through; an abusive past that included physical/emotional abuse, abandonment, homelessness, parental abduction and date rape. Yeah, it’s a lot…but I made it through and so can you.

My Core Values


Anything you tell me, stays between us, pinky promise swear. 


I will be an honest supporter in your journey, looking out for your best interest. 


When you work with me, you’ll be in a safe, judgement-free zone.


I’m committed to empowering you to break free from the lies that have held you back.

personal notes

I’m a dog lover, a dark chocolate fan, I think fresh flowers are heavenly, and I can eat more popcorn than anyone on the planet. I’m also the mother of three and reside in Southern California. 

What I Believe

  • You're valuable and deserve to break free from the things that are holding you back.
  • You were created in God's image and he has a plan for your life. I'm a practicing Christian, I embrace you for you and respect what you believe.
  • Life isn't always black and white, there's a lot of gray.
  • You're doing the best you can right where you are.
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"You're not who you think you are...you are so much more and deserve to be loved, healthy and whole." -Sharon Hughes

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