Are You Ready For a Breakthrough?

That’s a crazy story and I’m sharing it with you to illustrate that no matter what you’ve been through, you can have a breakthrough too.

I know firsthand how it feels to be stuck in a pattern of moving forward only to move back again and start the cycle all over. I really have fought to get out of the “proverbial garage” for years. I’ve broken the pattern and I want to share it with you. If you’re ready to get out of your garage and change your life, I invite you to take the next step in faith and book a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION . I’m not going to try to sell you anything, instead I’ll answer all of your questions, then if you want to work with me we’ll go from there. 

>>Give yourself the greatest gift you can and believe that change is possible!<<

Here's what you'll learn when you work with me

  • How to recognize your limiting beliefs and the story you're stuck in.
  • How to choose what you'll believe about yourself.
  • How to identify your truth and let go of the lies that keep you from moving forward.
  • You'll find your unique voice and define who you want to be.
  • You'll break the pattern of getting stuck over and over again.
  • You'll have the confidence to reach your goals.

Sharon Hughes, Identity Coach


If you're ready to get out of the garage, visit my calendar now and schedule a free discovery session.

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“It was so great to be part of Launch Your Creativity’s group coaching session today. I’m inspired to create goals that will help us work on our dream.”

Kelly & Noelle Rideout |

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Coaching is forward thinking: A coach helps clients with their personal or professional growth through gaining clarity, goal setting, strategies, focus, overcoming obstacles, limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Coaching is exactly what you need when you have no idea where to start. It takes the frustration and guesswork out of the equation, equipping you with a strategy and a plan that works for you.

Professional athletes, top level executives, artist, authors and people from just about every area of life hire someone to walk with {coach} them through the process of gaining clarity, reaching goals and stripping away what holds them back. It does not mean there is something wrong with your ideas or goals; it means you need a strategy and support to make it happen.

Do you feel stuck in a rut of endless to-do’s? Are you overwhelmed with where to start? Are you having a hard time reachable your goals? Is your life and business leaving you exhausted or exhilarated?

Coaching is for you if you answered yes to any of those questions. Everyone gets stuck and has obstacles to overcome, but the object of the game is to overcome those with a plan that is doable and feels good to you. Think of this as your personal strategy and I will walk through it with you.

Yes, everything you share with me will be kept in strict confidence.

Deciding What You Really Want Is Key:The first step is defining what you really want. This is your road-map of where you want to go.

Setting Your Goals: Setting your goals, making them crystal clear and attainable determines your success in reaching them.

A Personalized Strategy: Creating a clear strategy takes the guess work out and gives you clarity. I’ll show you how to break it down into manageable pieces that are actionable.

Overcoming Obstacles: Reaching goals means overcoming obstacles and not giving up. Everyone gets stuck at times. You’ll discover how to overcome the bumps in the road and up your staying power.

Re-calibrate Your Focus: Staying focused on your goals and re-calibrating to meet them is essential to your success. As you move forward , you have to keep a pulse on where you are on your journey and make adjustments for continued success. 

Measure Your Growth: This is a very exciting part of having a plan.  You see your growth, your wins and successes. Acknowledging this part of your journey is actually healthy for your brain and gives you momentum!

I offer a 30 day happiness guarantee. If you’re not happy we cancel moving forward. Unfortunately coaching fees for used sessions are not refundable. I offer a free consultation to ensure we are a good fit.