I just listened to an interview with Glennon Doyle Melton that completely rocked my world. It was something my soul needed to hear someone else say out loud. Its not earth shattering to most but for me it was. She was raw and uninhibited and challenged me to my core. Even though she stood on a stage and gave a Tedtalk, she was able to admit she gets scared.

Wanna know a secret? Everyone is a little scared.

So here it is Saturday morning, one week before Flourish and I’m scared. My speakers share candidly that they are scared too. And I look at them and think why? Each of them, gifted communicators, poised, beautiful, gracious, smart and talented. What do they have to be scared of? It’s simple, they are human, I am human, you are human and everyone is a little scared.

Somewhere along the way we were told to keep a stiff upper lip and not share how we feel because as Glennon says admitting that the thing is hard or scary is some kind of admission of failure.  I’m so glad she said it, my heart knew it all along.

So, back to Saturday morning jitters…in one week I will be standing in front of a room full of women sharing from my heart what I know to be absolute truths. I am preparing my butt off, I will show up and do my best to inspire, encourage and give the tools I truly believe will bring life changes to my guests. Because of what I learned today I’m giving myself permission not to be perfect but to simply do my best and show up. And I’ll admit to you I’m a recovering perfectionist. Probably a recovering something else too but that’s ok. I’m going to share and use that thing to be open with you because I think there are a lot of women just like me that need to just give themselves permission to show up and do their best and not be worried about being perfect. Can I say perfectionism is a bully too? He’s really a big bad one and I want to sock him in the eye!

So, are you coming with me out of the land of perfectionism and whatever else might be holding you back? I know its scary but I’ll be here with you through it.