How to exhibit at the wholesale buyers market

Want to know how to exhibit at the wholesale buyer’s market? Its easier than you think!

I will share everything I’ve learned about how to exhibit at the wholesale buyer’s market (Home & Gift shows) during the Sparkle Conference.  Having your own wholesale product line is super exciting and getting it in front of buyers is key. Knowing which wholesale markets to attend and how to present your product makes a big difference in your success. It’s not the craft show at the local women’s club, it is serious business and companies, established and just starting, spend thousands of dollars on these shows every year. 

I launched  my product line Pansy Cottage & Garden at the L.A. Mart at the July buyers market in 2008. I did my homework , showed up, worked super hard and was invited into a showroom which lead to one of the most exciting times in my life but also a HUGE learning curve. 

That was just the beginning of the exhibiting learning curve that took me to Las Vegas and then to Dallas. There are a ton of details that go into exhibiting and its not for the weak at heart. It is a lot of trial and error and lessons to be learned. Being invited into a showroom with a strong presence at the buyer’s market with excellent road reps was my goal and I was pleasantly surprised that came to fruition. However, getting into a showroom does not mean you and your product have arrived and will have great sales that lead to product growth.  At the Sparkle Conference on April 29-30th I will share everything I learned about exhibiting in the temporaries, showroom contracts, commissions, presenting your product,  catalogs, samples and more! wpblogsig