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Hi, I’m Sharon Hughes the creator of Launch Your Creativity and the “Creating a Soul-Full Life and Business You Love” mastermind strategy session and workbook.

How Launch Your Creativity Began

In 2010 I had the idea to assemble a panel of business women to share business advice, inspiration, and encouragement in a warm, inviting setting. My ultimate goal was to send a message to creative, entrepreneurial women that they can indeed follow their passions and be successful.

At the time I had a wholesale line of home decor, The Pansy Cottage & Garden. I was in three showrooms with 25 road reps and my product line was being exported to Canada, Dubai and Australia. I was also selling my line at upscale flea markets where I noticed that there was so much competition among women instead of encouragement and support. I talked to dozens of women that were extremely gifted but wondered if they really had what it took to manage a thriving business and balance it with their families. In addition they were falling into the evil comparison trap and completely second guessing themselves, their value and talent.

I reached out to several women I did business with including my dear friend Cheryl Turner who owns Paris In A Cup Tea Salon. I pitched her the idea and she was immediately on board. My next call was  to Jacqueline deMontravel, who at the time was the Editor of Romantic Homes Magazine and the author of several books. She too agreed to speak and I was on my way to creating an event that completely changed the direction of my life.

Fast forward three years and I was even more in love with holding LYC events. The personal connections, the sense of community and knowing I was bringing something unique to the table challenged me to do more. So I decided to take the next natural step and become a certified Life Coach. At the suggestion of Holley Gerth, an amazing author and life coach, I received my certification from Life Breakthrough Academy in North Carolina.

At the time of this writing {May 2016} I’ve just wrapped up my ninth event, the Sparkle Conference and have several more events in the works. The amazing thing about this adventure is I had no idea when I started out this tiny idea would become my brand. You really can do anything if you give yourself the chance!

Below are the magazines that graciously promoted myself, my former blog and product line, The Pansy Cottage & Garden. I am very grateful for the exposure and relationships that were formed through that venture.

My Blog Content and Personal Story

On my blog you can expect to read about the challenges women face in business and life in general. My emphasis is on personal development, goal setting, creating your dream business, self esteem, faith, and the challenges women face in juggling life. I draw from my own life’s experiences and from what my readers and event guests share they struggle with. I strongly believe that wherever you are on your journey in life that you have tremendous value and gifts that are unique to you. I hope you will sense that message as you read my blog. You matter and the world needs you to share your gifts and talents in a way that only you can.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about encouraging women to pursue their dreams is because I had a pretty rough upbringing and there simply wasn’t anyone in my life that encouraged me or believed in me. I suffered tremendously with self esteem issues as a result of abuse, abandonment and even homelessness at the age of 17.  I understand the struggles you face are real. I hope I can encourage you to do what you love, believe in yourself and find your voice to share your passions in life whatever that may be.

I currently live in Southern California and am the mother of three. My life experiences have taken me down many paths; modeling, personal training, a long stretch of being a stay home mom and creating an international wholesale product line. For you stay home moms dealing with toys and temper tantrums and dreaming of pursuing your passions, don’t ever doubt your value and creativity. This life, even when its hard and doesn’t make sense is a gift and you my friend are a gift too!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. ~Sharon Hughes


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