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Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Closing Doors and Opening Windows

Have you ever been disappointed by a closed door?
Needed a fresh start after the door slammed shut?
Or felt like you were waiting forever for your window of hope to open?
And wondered if what you’re hoping and dreaming about even matters?

Sometimes moving forward feels like a mountain to climb. I completely understand that, I’ve been on that mountain.

I’ve broken down four areas that will help you gain clarity, foster personal growth and show you just how valuable you and your dreams are. Jump into the course now and discover how beautiful you and your dreams are.

What you’ll learn:

Closing Doors to the Past: What to keep what to toss.

Opening Windows of Hope: The power of a hopeful future.

Practicing Grace: Allowing yourself not to be perfect.

Using Your Super Power: The secret weapon you already have.

*This is a mini eBook with a workbook, you can easily go through it in one afternoon or evening 🙂

The freedom Strategy

Have you considered how much freedom you truly have and what that really means? This is not a political post, I promise! This is about creating a strategy to give you more freedom in your life to live the life you want. It occurred to me this morning that the freedom we experience every day by living in a democracy is huge, but many of us don’t have a freedom strategy for our lives and we aren’t living in a “freedom” mindset. Instead we drift along and life just “happens” to us. It’s easy to find yourself in this place, I’ve been there too. When I realized I didn’t have to stay in a place of drifting or feeling stuck is when things started to change for me. Depending on where you are and what you want, you can see changes immediately. Go HERE for access. or Here to  read the entire post.

Taking time to examine your life and decide what’s working and what’s not is key to your growth and creating a life that you really love. I personally have had times where I felt like my life was spinning out of control and it’s those times that I was caught drifting through life without a plan. {honestly, most people have been here}

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My goal in this website is to provide you with content that is useful, resourceful and encouraging. There’s nothing worse than struggling, feeling alone, and like you’re the only one that is stuck.  That’s something I have personally navigated more than once. I hope when you visit here you will feel welcome, just as if we chatted over coffee. You can get to know me more Here.


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