If you’re like most of my readers you’re creative, inventive, compassionate and want to pour into the lives of your family and community with your talents and gifts while keeping a balanced life.

But you face the question of “how to do it”. 

bike right way

I have so much on my plate how can I mange it all?

I’m already overwhelmed just balancing my day-to-day list I don’t have time to pursue my goals and dreams.

I don’t know where to start or if my idea is even a good one!

My business is not what I thought it would be!

I don’t know where to start.

Can you relate to those statements? Many of the women I’ve worked with feel exactly like that and when I started my product line, The Pansy Cottage & Garden, I did too. Whether you’re writing a book, creating a product line, providing a service or training for a marathon there are common threads; focus, organization and planning.

Sharon Hughes

My goal in this website is to provide you with content that is useful, resourceful and encouraging. There’s nothing worse than struggling and feeling alone, something I have personally navigated more than once. I hope when you visit here you will feel welcome, just as if we had coffee and a long talk in my living room. You can get to know me more Here.

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