What athletes know:

Athletes know that where you look is where you end up. The first time I heard that it struck me so strongly, the power in those few words are so true. I was listening to an interview with a triathlete that was asked how she had been so successful. She specifically addressed the issue of keeping up her speed in the cycling segment when leaning into curves. She said.”I focus on where I want to be as I lean into the curves, if I don’t I will fall”. WOW! Focus on where I want to be…how profound, how SIMPLE.

To put it in little league terms from the ball park, we’ve  heard this many times and is a bit cliche but true.”keep your eye on the ball”. Quite simply if you’re not looking at the ball you can’t catch the ball. Doesn’t that seem like a a no brainer? How can we really apply this in our lives to accomplish what we want? Lets take it apart.

First things first:

  • You absolutely have to decide what your goal is. You must be very dead on specific about it.
  • Get a notebook or journal and write that goal down in real life language. What I mean is don’t say,”lose weight”. Instead write down,”I want to lose x amount of weight by this date because I want to…..
  • Now here’s the tricky part, you must be objective about your goal. Is this a reasonable goal? If it’s not then you won’t be able to meet your goals despite your efforts. If your class reunion is coming up next month and you want to lose 20lbs you are setting yourself up for failure because its just not doable.
  • Pick only one objective and then break it down into bite sized, manageable pieces. Example: I will start going for walks daily/ I will hire a personal trainer/I will cut back on fast foods and add healthier choices.
  • When you approach your goal with a plan of action with absolute focus you create habits. Those habits will transform your life, your health, your business, and your relationships.
  • I recommend keeping track of your progress in your journal. Every day you need to review your goal and your daily/weekly strategy. This sharpens your focus.
  • Using a journal helps you track what is working and what is not and keeps it all real.
  • When you discover what works for you: Rinse and repeat!
Are you wondering what to do if you hit a bump in the road? Oh you will, its the icky part of life that happens to all of us. Ive got you covered in part #2! Click HERE to read Where is Your Focus? Part #2 wpblogsig