My goal was what?

Like you there have been times I’ve had a goal and fell off my plan, it happens to the best of us no matter how good our intentions are.  But what can be done to ensure success?  Last week I promised to give you some tips for what to do if you fall off your goal plan. But there’s a few things you should know along the way.

First know that everyone struggles and it’s part of the process. Whatever it is you’re doing, if it were easy, it wouldn’t require your focus and energy. And you’d most likely not be drawn to it. But that is what sets you apart from others. There’s something in you that wants more. Second, most people give up too soon. Its very true, think back to the last time you threw in the towel, what was is that triggered you? Now that you’ve had some space from the issue do you have a different perspective? Most people are right on the brink of a break through when they give up and they don’t even know it.

Here are the best tips that you can implement right away when you get off track:

  • Stop, breathe and reevaluate the problem. Ask yourself the questions we covered earlier in the series.

  • Schedule extra time to meet time specific goals for surprises and unexpected issues.

  • Lay your groundwork like an athlete does. That means you show up everyday and you make hard choices. Am I eating a hot fudge sundae today or fueling my body to run hard?

  • Grab your goal panning journal and write a note to yourself every night about what went right and what went wrong with your plan that day. **Record your wins**

  • Do NOT be hard on yourself. Do not criticize yourself for mistakes or setbacks. Step outside of yourself and put on that troubleshooting hat. Take the issue apart on paper, with a friend, a mentor or a coach.

  • Always, always do your best and give it your all.Because that my friend is something that will make you sleep well at night.

Here’s the best part, You will survive and tomorrow is another day and another chance for tremendous success. Grab a dry erase marker and go write on your bathroom mirror “I can do it”! Believe in yourself that you will indeed succeed!

So let me ask you again, where is your focus?