Where's your blindspot? Everyone has them and turning a blindspot into clarity will change your life. Get real solutions for your life and business now.

Where’s Your Blindspot?

In life and in business we all have a blindspot. You know, those places we just can’t see clearly. I’ve wondered why we don’t come equipped with side mirrors just like cars! In this post I want to unpack a few things that can be learned from rearview mirrors, where we look and how to protect ourselves from blindspots.

What are you looking at?

Elite athletes know that they have to focus on where they want to go. Whether they are swimming, running, shooting, throwing or landing they have to stay focused on that one goal of where to go or land. In life and business there’s no difference, you have to know where you want to land in order to get there. That is a key component of success in all areas. Ask yourself this:
  • What do I really want in my relationships/business/education?
  • What am I focussing my attention on?
  • What personal goals do I have?
  • What steps have I put in place to meet those goals?
  • What is tripping me up?
Here’s the hard question, “Are you looking where you want to land”? If not then it’s the big why? Are you stuck looking back at the deal that didn’t go through or the failed relationships? I know how hard that is. There is a certain amount of grief needed to get through those things. Disappointment and heartbreak just plain stinks!

Are you looking back?

If you’ve ever ran a race and turned to look at where your opponent is you know it takes a lot of energy. And what happens next can be costly. Any of these can happen:
  • You trip and fall.
  • You begin the mental debate of comparing yourself to where your opponent is.
  • You turn back, run like the wind and win.
Which of these are you? If your run and win, congratulations you can stop reading now.

Why looking back slows your progress.

First it wrecks havoc with your mind.

You’ve probably heard the quote that windshields are bigger than rear view mirrors so you focus on moving forward and not looking back. Don’t you just love a good metaphor?  Here is my personal disclosure to you, friend. I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak and circumstances that are paralyzing. I’ve done the hard work it takes to overcome major obstacles and setbacks and I really don’t dish advice I haven’t had to “apply liberally and repeat often”! Looking back serves no purpose. None. It stops you in your tracks, pulls at your heart and sends your mind racing to that cray, cray place of eating Cool Whip on the floor and hitting the rewind button. So not fun.

Second it wrecks havoc on your body.

It is simply debilitating to stay in this place for very long. It overwhelms you and suddenly you’ll discover your’e in a place you never wanted to be aka “sweats life” not to be confused with “sweet life”. “Sweats life” is that weird funk that is often accompanied by it’s best friend “can’t get off the couch” and close cousin “nothing fits”. Have you ever been there? That’s the land of no mojo! In the land of no mojo, you lose yourself to un-motivation, fear, comparison, or worse. I stayed in the land of no mojo when my boys were toddlers. It wasn’t pretty. I remember my daughter saying to me,”Mom, I forbid you to buy anymore sweat pants, you have every color”. I was stuck in a horrible rut of navigating toddler tantrums, potty training and finding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the VCR. I had no vision except making it to bath-time and putting the boys to bed. {This is when you need to put the Cool Whip down and have a serious intervention with yourself}. Living in this state causes stress related health issues, trust me you can google that! Blindspots suck us in and we don’t see it coming until it’s too late.  

There’s only one reason to look back, ever.

I’ve decided the only reason to look back is to see how far I’ve come. I hope you will join me in that! Print this out and tape it to your mirror {Look how far youve come download}

Look how far youve come

What can you do to protect yourself from blindspots? 

About five years ago my pastor was talking about something completely unrelated to this topic but can be applied. It’s so simple. “Know your weaknesses”. I know what you’re thinking but track with me here, it’s brilliant. In football, a team will watch tapes of their opponent to uncover their weaknesses. It’s all strategy. Ok, some serious brilliance! Do we do that? Nope. Are we honest with ourselves, not usually. There you have it.  Here’s the answer to the blindspot problem.
  • Know your weaknesses.
  • Be brutally honest with yourself.
  • Get clear about what you want.
  • Develop a strategy.
  • Ask for help.
I really hope this helped you. It sure helped me when I got clear and honest with myself. Now I only have 2 pairs of sweat pants! If you need help, I’d love to work with you. I have a Mastermind Session in Southern California on October 22nd. All the juicy details are HERE.   What is your blindspot?  wpblogsig