Working through it…

So this is what has been on my mind as the new year sneaks up on us:I’ve been talking with friends and small business owners about how we are compelled to “do it all” and we often feel overwhelmed but can’t seem to stop the merry go round of life (sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to soak in the tub and NOT answer the phone)!

You know the drill; kids, spouse, carpool, soccer, laundry, pets, running a business and the list goes on and on. And the routine can feel so ho hum. Can you relate to the days of feeling like a hamster on a wheel? Do you drop into bed and go over what you did not accomplish and feel like you didn’t measure up somehow? I want you to know something friend, you are not alone in this. No matter who you are or where you are from its just takes a bit of working through. We all pretty much feel the same and its not easy to give ourselves permission to let ourselves just be, but it is doable.

“Life is something we work through”

I bet the truth is you did a ton today and had to work through a few things. And if that “working through” translates to sitting on the couch with a sick child or baking cookies for a troop meeting when it wasn’t your turn, you’ve done a ton. You have poured into others and that is invaluable. So as you drop into bed think about the impact you made today. Those tiny gestures, those good deeds and those hard things. And tell yourself, “well done”.

Action item:

Grab your journal and write down one thing you did today that you are proud of no matter how big or small. The exercise is to get you to celebrate the mere fact of being. wpblogsig